Cancer Sucks!

Our daughter Kennedy was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia on April 16, 2007. She started chemotherapy 4 days later at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville, TN. She went into remission in June and ended chemo in September. Since then she remains in remission and currently visits the hematology/oncology clinic at Vanderbilt every 4 months for a check up. She will be considered cancer free in 2012. We can't WAIT for that day!!

You can read more about Kennedy's journey with cancer on her carepage here. We are so thankful that she is doing so well and will forever strive to bring awareness to childhood cancer because of her journey and in memory of the many friends we have met and lost along the way. Cancer sucks!.

Out of all the google searches to bring people to my blog, the greatest number has been people looking for these kids... these amazing kids who fought or are fighting, cancer. These kids are all from Vanderbilt Children's Hospital and every single one of them is my hero!

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Angel Abby Cummings
Angel Addison McBend
Angel Andrew Collinsworth
Angel Angelie Del Toro
Angel Brandi Burton
Angel Caleb Gill
Angel Charlie Porter
Angel Charlton Cratz
Angel Chase Donnell
Angel Chyanne Scott
Angel Cody Myers
Angel Cody Robinson
Angel Connor Hunley
Angel Dariana Rivera
Angel Dawson Kozimor
Angel Dylan Hollandsworth
Angel Dylan Rebeor
Angel Elizabeth Ussery
Angel Erica Kilburn
Angel Ethan Bibb
Angel Gage Pruitt
Angel Gunner Gillespie
Angel Hawk Smith
Angel Jada Greer
Angel Jameson Casteel
Angel Jason Archer
Angel Jayden Newman
Angel John Cooper-Smith
Angel Jonathan Diebels
Angel Justin Jewell
Angel Kainen Keltner
Angel Kayla Cantrell
Angel Kelsie Karnes
Angel Kerri Arriola
Angel Korley Davis
Angel Kris Sharp
Angel Mackenzie McMahan
Angel Matthew Hileman
Angel Matthew LaRocca
Angel Matthew Litchfield
Angel Micah Crimmins
Angel Mikayla Harris
Angel Nate Richard
Angel Paige Warden
Angel RJ Brislin
Angel Rachel Olerud
Angels Reid and Randon Miller
Angel Sadie Davis
Angel Samantha Abbott
Angel Samantha Arnett
Angel Samuel Anderson
Angel Savannah Swandal
Angel Taylor Filorimo
Angel Zoe Cleve

Aaron Bell
Aaron Browning
Addie Mae Russell
Alex Kallas
Alli Childress
Andrew Dempsey
Andy Dunn
Annabelle Obersteadt
Ansley McLaurin
Austin Bickford
Autumn Duggan
Barret Carter
Barrett Harris
Bishop Mikaelian
Brianna Jones
Caleb Wood
Carl Holden
Christian Wilson
Cody Risner
Cole Hindman
David Peterman
Drew Conley
Emma Gatewood
Faith Herron
Gabe Sipos
Gage Arsen
Gage Buri
Garrett Elder
Gavin Fox
Grace Hamilton
Grayson Gunter
Hatcher Ryan
Hezekiah Sunshine
Hunter Tucker
Ireland Lane
Isaac Diehls
J.J. Estep
Jack Woods
Jackson Ashley
Jackson Dunlap
Jackson Vernon
Jaden Willhite
Jayron Morris
Jesse Knowles
Jillian Pasley
John Reynolds
Jordan Arand
Josh Powell
Joshua Kelley
Justin Littrell
Kambryn Lowrey
Kane Martin
Karli Costley
Katherine Arnold
Katie Mitchell
Kaydyn Smith
Kelsey Towns
Kelsi Caten
Kennedy Garcia
Killian Rooks
Lauren Legge
Lauren Patterson
Lily Hensiek
Logan Dame
Logan Miller
Lucas Williams
Madison Sullivan
Makenzie Foley
Makenzie Matthews
Malayne Adams
Matthew Butterfield
Matthew Taylor
Max Epting
Megan Foster
Michael Stanley
Michayla Nelson
Miranda Beamer
Morgan Mingle
Mya Henderson
Nahayla Smasal
Nathan Kelly
Owen Martin
Palmer Richardson
Payton White
Peyton Arnold
Rachel Mullins
Reid Scott
Riley Daniels
Ryan Carrigan
Rylee Rippy
Sadie Gentry
Sam Booth
Seth Randolph
Stephanie Vorm
Stefany and Emarie Williams
Thomas Winfrey
Tristan Numbers

Meet some of the Vanderbilt Cancer Warriors!

Below are kids with Down syndrome who have or are fighting Leukemia. Did you know that kids with Ds have a 1 in 100 chance of getting Leukemia?! Definitely more of my heroes!

Angel Angela Durham
Angel Carly George
Angel Caylyn Bachman
Angel Chloe Newbold
Angel Colten Cowell
Angel Conner Merimee
Angel David Wilkerson
Angel Dylan Hollandsworth
Angel Hagen Hill
Angel Hope Fimiani
Angels Josh & Ben Boldt
Angel Kristin Kirton
Angel Lois Hogan
Angel Melissa Rigio
Angel Pierce Ruck
Angel Ryan Drake
Angel Sierra Kessler

Alexys Fields
Archie Moore
Arianna Kovars
Ashlyn McFadden
Ben Roe
Berkeley Enney
Blake Gallagher
Brianna Kelley
Carl Holden
Charlie Akers
Chelsea Branam
Chloe Coccia
Chloe David
Daniel Dimitroff
Dylan Hargus
Eden Salem
Ethan Faulkner
Gracie Theis
Hannah Hannum
Hannah Hopster
Hannah Cate Collins
Hatcher Ryan
Isaac Drapeau
Izzy Franklin
Jackson Dunlap
Jacob Carlson
Jillian Morgan
Jimmy Collick
Joel Nichols
John Bremer
Julia Kain
Karl Pamer
Kelly Lyons
Kennedy Garcia
Kyle Facts
Laura Blow
Leah Scallions
Micah Albonico
Mickey Deputy
Noah Bratsch
Noah Turner
Olivia Titus
Peter Krause
Peter Pirie
Rachel Grant
Ryan Dolezan
Rylee Davidson
Sadie Claire Smith
Sydney Pilgreen
Tyler Gardner
Tyler Rock
Zachary Cook
Zoey Needham