About this Blog

Welcome to Life With My Special Ks! We are a modern stone age family... oh wait, that was someone else. We are a pretty typical family... dad's in the Army, mom stays home to raise the kids, 2 girls, 2 boys, but just to shake things up we decided to adopt! Kellsey came home on December 5, 2009. After 3 long years of ups and downs, good times and bad and a diagnosis of RAD, we made the heartbreaking decision to say goodbye to our little girl and place her with a family who is better equipped to care for her very special needs. She is doing well in her new environment and we are hopeful for her future. I'm glad you've stopped by to visit! Here is some information and fun facts about our family! We hope you'll come back again and again!!

Frank: (The husband and the daddy) 
Birthdate: April 15th
Occupation: Soldier in the U.S. Army who's been deployed 5 times... twice to Iraq and three times to Afghanistan. Lord willing, he'll be home for awhile now.
Favorite TV shows: Homeland, Dexter, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Parenthood, Once Upon A Time
Favorite Sports Teams: Football: 49ers, Titans, USC; Basketball: Lakers; Baseball: Dodgers
Favorite Musical Artists: Jason Mras, Beatles, Rascal Flatts, Moi, Bruno Mars and a little bit of everything else.
Favorite pastime: Going to the movies or going out to eat. You can also find his blog here.

Renee: (The wife, the mommy and the blog writer)
Birthdate: March 5th
Occupation: Maid, Butler, Housekeeper, Chauffeur, Nurse, Chef, Teacher, etc. etc. etc.
Favorite TV shows: Truth Be Told, Parenthood, Modern Family, Secret Life, Switched at Birth, Nashville, Dance Moms, Young & the Restless
Favorite Sports Teams: Football: 49ers; Baseball: Padres and White Socks;
Favorite Musical Artists: Moi, Lori Loza, Daniel Doss, Rascal Flatts, Matthew West, Jason Mraz, Building 429
Favorite Pastime: Blogging (Duh!), taking pictures, just spending time with my family.

Kassidy: (The Teenager)
Birthdate: November 4th
Occupation: 8th Grade Student
Favorite Color: Red

Favorite TV Shows: Nashville, Dance Moms, American Idol,
Favorite Sports Teams: Her soccer team, Green Bay Packers (not endorsed or supported by her parents).
Favorite Musical Artists: Jason Mraz, Moi,
Favorite Pastime: Reading, playing soccer, her iPhone and laptop, taking sign language classes

Kameron: (The crazy one)
Birthdate: November 3rd
Occupation: 6th Grade Student
Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite TV Shows: Spongebob, Phineas and Ferb
Favorite Sports Teams: ???
Favorite Musical Artists: Jason Mraz, Muse, Weird Al,
Favorite Pastime: Reading, writing in his journal and making up stories, drawing, playing on his iPod and laptop,

Kennedy: (The Sincess)
Birthdate: May 16th
Occupation: 3rd Grade Student
Favorite Color: Pink 

Favorite TV Shows: Good Luck Charlie, Austin & Ally, Shake it Up, Dog with a Blog
Favorite Musical Artists: Jason Mraz, Justin Bieber
Favorite Pastime: Dancing, playing with her Groovy Girls, and Charlie (her American Girl), playing on her iPad, being a Sincess
Medical history: Down syndrome, Duodenal Web, Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, Atlantoaxial & Occipital Instability, Alopecia, Hypoglycemia etc etc etc.

Keeghan: (The Monkey)
Birthdate: May 1st
Occupation: 1st Grade Student
Favorite Color: Green 

Favorite TV Shows: Curious George, Spongebob, Phineas & Ferb, Marvin Marvin
Favorite Musical Artists: Jason Mraz, LMFAO, Black Eyed Peas, PSY
Favorite Pastime: Legos, dancing, playing on his iPad, being loud, playing with his monkeys and firetrucks