Welcome to the Blog Roll!

Here are many, many, many MANY blogs that I read on a semi-regular basis thanks to my Google Reader. Pick a category, browse some blogs, they're all fabulous!!!

PS. If you find your blog in the wrong category or missing from a category you want to be in OR you're not on here AT ALL and you want to be, please let me know!

California Friends!

A Joyful Life
Blonde Ambition
Carmen's Life
Christal's World
Did I Shave My Legs For This???
Disabled Christianity
Erica Lewis' Life
Establishing Individuality
Faith is more than believing
Housewife University
How it Fits
Jacinda's Blog
Laura's Online Blog
Lemons to Lemonade
Lewis Family Blog
Life... on and off the road
Life and Times of the Moore Family
Life as Snooks
Lil' yellow cottage down by the sea
Living Life on Fire
Living Out Loud
Living to Learn
Mr. Police Man
My Thoughts and Things
Oh.... The Possibilities
Our Box of Chocolates
Overcoming Average(?)
Pardon My Chaos
Path 31
Pember Family
Praying for a Miracle
Ragamuffin Soul
Rebeccaavila's Weblog
Reed Rugrats
The 5 of us and all of you!
Trying 2 Lead
Welcome to our Busy Life
Whittaker Woman
Yelli B

Tennessee Friends!

456 Days
A Day In The Life of Lindsey_B
A Walk in My Flip Flops
All About Mister Gavin
Ashley's Attic
Audience of One
Blessed By God's Grace
Blessed by Him!
Bringing Home Boys
Carrie Hayes
Cheery O's
Cheryl Owen
City Girl
Counting My Abundant Blessings
Daniel Doss Journal
David and Lori Plus 8
Emily the Mom
Finding My Feet
Forward Progress
Frances and Libby
From the Heart
Get Up & Do Something
Graced Again
Help Me Rhonda Yeah
I Love My Little Guys
I Remember When There Were No Questions
Jamie Wright Photography
Joy in the Journey
Keepin' it Real
Keeping Awake
Life And Theology
Life with the Aytes
Little Bit of Life
Loving Life
Luke's Antics and Other Thoughts
Moons From Burma
Moroschak Memories in the Making
My life after...
Neapolitan Ice Cream
Never Would Have Made It Without Him
Oh, The Difference a Year Can Make!
Plant Smiles. Grow Giggles. Harvest Love.
Products of Silence
Ramblings From The Funny Farm
Real Can't Be Ugly
Reed Report
Sarah Underhill
Seth and Ashley Sittin' in a Tree
Sharliss Jane
Swimming on Dry Land
That's What She Said
The Adventures of Princess Gabby
The Amick's
The Bowens
The Byrd Family
The Floyd Family Journal
The Huy Family
The Jacksons
The Kelley's Journey
The Kelly Family
The Hutchings Family
The Muncks Quiver
The Night Howells
The Polidors
The Ramblings of a Wife, Mommy & ER Nurse
The Shupp Family
The Tales of Me
The Waters Family Blog
To Infinity and Beyond
Trina & KJ... Livin' Life
Trusting With Each Step
Trying to Live Micah 6:8
Updates on Ryan
What's up with Jaden
Wild Wild Wilsons!
Winging It
Zion's Hope

The Down Syndrome Blog Roll

All these families have a child with a little something extra! Check out these amazing families!

2 Pirates and a Princess Daughter: Sofia
3 Apples of My Eye Daughter: Ashtin
4 Corey - Son: Corey
47 Pieces
A Hapa Girl and her Hapa Family - Daughter: Lillian
A is for Aiden - Son: Aiden
A Journey of Growth - Son: Jonathan
A Life Full of Love - Son: Andy
A Little Something Extra For Us - Son: Micah
A Step Down Our Path - Sons: Bryce & Alex
A Table For Six - Daughter: Ella Grace
A Walk in Lily's Garden - Daughter: Lily
ABandC'sMom - Daughter: Angel Carly
Above All I Could Ask or Imagine - Son: "J"
Adelynn's Journey - Daughter: Adelynn
Adventures of Homeschooling Noah - Son: Noah
Adventures with Beth - Daughter: Beth
All 4 My Gals - Daughter: Tarenne
All About the Enskats - Daughters: Abby, Nina & Varia; Son: Timofey
All My Dreams - Son: Elias
Archie's Room - Son: Archie
As We Sail - Son: Stevie
Audrey and Stella's Playground - Daughter: Stella
Awareness is my Job - Son: Micah
Baby Copty - Son: Maher
Baeten Family - Son: Logan
Banana Migraine - Daughter: Delphine
Banana Pants - Daughter: Anna
Believing in Miracles - Son: Cameron
Beneath the Wings - Daughter: Ricki
Bill and Ria - Son: Matthew
Bittersweet - Daughter: Emma
Blessed and Lucky - Son: Sam
Blessed with Anthony - Son: Anthony
Blessings and Glory - Son: Charlie
Big Blueberry Eyes - Daughter: Kayla
Blessed Chaos - Son: Wil
Blessed with Girls - Daughter: Mattie
Brady's Bunch - Son: Brady
Braska Bear
Brianna's Blog - Daughter: Brianna
Bridget's Light - Daughter: Bridget
Butterfly's and Rainbows - Daughter: Angel Sierra
Callum & Kieran - Son: Callum
Cameron's Crew - Son: Cameron
Camp Homeschool - Son: Joseph
Casa de la Tonteria - Son: Hunter
Chanelle and Tristan - Son: Tristan
Changing Perceptions Start Here - Daughter: Avery
Chaos Diaries: Chaos isn't just a theory - Son: Mason
Charlie's Up To - Son: Charlie
Chasing Charlotte - Daughter: Charlotte
Class of 2008 - Sarah
Cornish Adoption Journey - Daughters: Brianna, Aleksa and Emma; Sons: Micah and James
Counting Kisses - Daughter: Jessie
Confused? I am! - Daughter: Percy
Daily Smiles - Daughter: Emilia
Dancing Through the Tulips - Daughter: Chloe
Daniel Murdock Drinker
Dawson Family - Son: Zechariah
Day by Day - Son: Kolby
Days With Dylan - Son: Dylan
Disposable - Son: Archer
Down Syndrome New Mama - Daughter: Summer
Down the Rabbit Hole Into Wonderland - Daughter: Leyla
Down to Life - Daughter: Antalya
Down With Oz - Son: Ozzie
DownBlogger - Daughter: Ciarra
DownRight Faith - Daughter: Sydney
Dream Big - Daughter: Sydnie
Dream Big for Chelsea - Daughter: Chelsea
Dreaming on an Angel - Adopting: Addison
Driving With No Hands - Son: William, Daughter: Mary
Doozeedad - Daughter: Moxie
Down South Musings - Son: Austin
Down Wit Dat - Son: Wyatt
E is for Everything - Daughter: Elainah
Ella Grace with the Pretty Face - Daughter: Ella
Ellie's Mission - Daughter: Ellie
Elliot's Expeditions - Son: Elliot
Elliott's Nest - Son: Aiden
Embracing Life as a Household 6 - Sons: Grifyn & Xander
Emma Sage - Daughter: Emma Sage
Ethan's Endeavors - Son: Ethan
Etta's Journal - Daughter: Etta
Ever Forward, Maya - Daughter: Maya
Everyday Elliott - Daughter: Leah
Everything Happens For a Reason - Son: Leo
Extras... - Daughter: Ellie
Fabulous Fields - Son: Koby
Family Love Notes - Daughter: Sarah
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made - Daughter: Tiana
Finnian's Journey - Son: Finnian
Firefly South - Son: Austin
First of 3-T-21 Rules our Hearts - Daughter: Meghan
For Heaven's Sake - Son: Nevin
Four Wonders of Life - Daughter: Molly
Gabi's World - Daughter: Gabi
Garden of Eagan - Daughter: Angela & Axel
Gigi: The Traveling Poodle
Giles Family of 5 - Daughter: Presley
Girl in a Party Hat - Daughter: Sophie
Got Down Syndrome - Brother: "O"
Got Three???? - Daughter: Hannah
Grace Upon Grace - Daughter: Magdalena
Hailey's Comet Ride - Daughter: Hailey
Hamula Family - Daughter: Macy
Hannah's Shenanigans - Daughter: Hannah
Hanzley Clan News - Sons: Caleb & Isaac
Happy Jack - Son: Jack
Having Fun at Home with Master Dillon - Son: Dillon
Heather Messick - Daughter: Victoria
Hidden Treasures - The Trisomy 21 Journey
Hite Family - Daughter: Ashlie
Hope for Elijah - Son: Elijah
Hopster Happenings - Daughter: Hannah
House Full of Joy - Daughter: Charity
Hug Your Trooper - Daughter: Molly
Hurricane Riley - Son: Riley
I am Potential - Son: Timothy
I don't know what to say - Daughter: Abby
Isabella - Daughter: Isabella
Isn't this Fun!? - Son: Jonas
Jaxon's Fight - Son: Jaxon
Jodie's Random Thoughts - Son: Tyler
John Paul's World - Son: John Paul
Joyful Mother of 6 Children - Daughter: Eliana
Julian's Journey - Son: Julian
Just RK - Daughter: Braska
Just Show Up
Just us... What would I do without you? - Son: Tayte
Kaitlyn's Korner - Daughter: Kaitlyn
Kara's Journey to America - Daughter: Kara
Karli's Kingdom - Daughter: Karli
Kathy's Life Journey - Son: PJ
Keirnan Clan - Daughter: Rachel
Kim's Treasure's and Snares - Daughter: TheaAnn
Kwisteena's Kwaziness - Daughter: Kallie
Larkin's Place - Daughter: Larkin
Learning As I Go - Daughter: Rylee
Life - Not just a cereal anymore - Daughter: Libby
Life as we know it - Daughter: "Miss Banana"
Life at the Lunds - Son: Ricky
Life Decanted - Daughter: Kayli
Life of the Bubelas - Daughter: "E"
Life with 4 J's - Son: Jakob
Life with 4 kiddos - Son: Max
Life with Annelies - Daughter: Annelies
Life With My Girls - Daughter: Avery
Life with the Brown's - Daughter: Raleigh
Life With Sweet Pea - Daughter: "Sweet Pea"
Lila's Miracle Life - Daughter: Lila
Lily's Life is Great! - Daughter: Lily
Little Miss E - Daughter: "Miss E"
Little Miss Magic - Daughter: Marin
Little Wonders - Daughter: Zoey
Livia-The-Great - Daughter: Alivia
Living in the Moment - Son: Joel
Living for the Love - Daughter: Goldie
Living Life with the E's - Daughter: Emily
Logan - Son: Logan
Love for Colin - Son: Colin
Love Notes to my Family - Son: Jack
Lovely and Amazing - Daughter: Emma Jayne
Loving Life - Daughter: Ashlyn
Making Something Beautiful - Son: Sam
Mama Monkmee - Son: Eian
Mauzy's Musings - Son: Nash
MeAnderings - Son: Ben
Meet the Nielson's - Son: Luke
Megan's got 47 - Daughter: Megan
mi2boys - Son: Adam
Milestones - Son: Miles
Mom of 12 and Loving It - Daughter: Hope
Mommy Life - Son: Jonny
Mommy of a Miracle - Son: Elijah
Mothering by the Seat of my Pants - Son: John
MotherJungle - Son: Addison
Mundo Bean - Son: Lucas
Monkey Business - Daughter: Ella Kate
Monkey Musings - Son: John Michael
Mutterings and Musings - Daughter: Munchkin
My 3 Ankle Biters - Son: Johnny
My Bubby Maxy - Son: Max
My Cheeky Little Monkeys - Son: Henry
My Crazy Life - Son: Jaemen
My Cup Runneth Over - Son: AJ
My Cute Little Navya - Daughter: Navya
My Holland, My Italy - Son: Vinnie
My Life with Gabriel - Son: Gabriel
My Little Genius - Son: Vignesh
My Little Son-Shine - Son: Landon
My Precious Saira - Daughter: Saira
My Princes' and Princess - Daughter: Ashlyn
My Sunshine - Son: Gabriel
My Three Girls - Daughter: Sarah
My Unexpected Life - Son: Jack
Nathan Daniel - Son: Nathan
New Year, New Us - Daughter: Lauren
Newbold Family's Adoption Journey Son: John Paul Adopting: Dasha
No Empty Arms Here - Son: Noah
Noah's Dad - Son: Noah
Noah's Trek - Son: Noah
Not That You Asked - Son: Jude
Now I'm a Mom - Son: Ryan
Nuts and Boltz - Son: Jack
On a Joyful Journey - Daughter: "R"
One Beautiful Life - Daughter: Ella
One Day At A Time - Son: Sam
One More, More Than One - Daughter: Malea
Opposite Kids - Daughter: Kayla
Out-numbered By Kids - Daughter: Kaia
Our Blah Blah Blog - Daughter: Darah
Our Family - Son: Cooper
Our Fishy Cracker - Son: Jonathon
Our Jacob - Son: Jacob
Our Life - Feel Free To Laugh - Daughter: Mason
Our Little Man - Son: "Lil Man"
Our Normal Life - Daughter: Kailey
Our Path Less Traveled - Daughters: Katie and Myia; Sons: Michael & Alex
Our Perfectly Imperfect Life - Daughters: Payton & Addison
Our Precious Blessing - Daughter: Camden
Our Roads Traveled - Son: Matty
Our Story Continued - Daughters: Darah & Reese
Our Typical Life - Daughter: Lauren
Our Unexpected Journey - Son: Bennett
Parker's Purpose - Son: Parker
Penny, The Baby Girl - Daughter: Penny
Pinwheels - Son: Avery
Pocket Lint - Daughters: Polly & Evie
Poppies Blooming - Daughter: Eden
Poppies Blog - Daughter: Eden
Praying for Parker - Son: Parker
Presley&T21 - Daughter: Presley
Prince Vince Meets the World - Son: Vince
Princess Nebraska - Sister: Annie
Pure Mommy Extract - Adopting: Ana
Quinn's Crusaders - Daughter: Quinn
Raising Joey - Son: Joey
Raising Reid - Son: Reid
Ralph and the Crew - Son: Ralph
Ramblings of the Bearded One - Daughter: Meg
Random Thinking - Son: Mikey
Red Lights - Son: Mikey
Redefining Perfection - Daughter: Nicola
Reece's Rainbow
Rees's Pieces - Daughter: Liliana
Reflections and Musings - Son: Brant
ReJenerationS - Daughter: Sophie
Rhett's Journey - Son: Rhett
Riley's Gift - Son: Riley
Ruby's Life - Daughter: Ruby
Rylie - Daughter: Rylie
Saunders Gang - Daughters: Carley & Macey
Shamptons - Daughter: Hannah
Sharp Pointy Sticks - Son: Liam
She is our Angel - Daughter: Kristen
She's Our Butterfly - Daughter: Ally
Sheard Scene - Daughter: Maia
Sheena Time - Daughter: Sheena
Simeon's Trail - Son: Simeon
Small Swift Birds - Son: Evan
Smiles 4 Downs - Daughter: Riley
Snippets - Son: Matthew
Spahrsbigtop - Son: Ethan
Stagner... Party of 5 - Daughter: Madalyn
Stairsteps - Adopting: Emerson
Sunflower Stories - Son: Sean
Sunshine Sadie - Daughter: Sadie
Sweet Ella Grace - Daughter: Ella
Sweet M&M - Daughter: Emily
Take a Walk on The Happy Side - Sons: Brian & Michael
Taking the Road Less Traveled - Son: "C"
Teague Tribe - Daughter: Sadie
Teeny Tiny Hopkins - Daughter: Lucy
Ten Squares, Three Squiggles - Son: Caden
That's What Faith Must Be - Daughter: Ella Kate
The 30 Day Journey for Hope - Daughter: Hope
The Adventures of Cap'n Jack 'n Crew - Son: Jack
The Amicks - Son: Benjamin
The Bates Motel - Daughter: Samantha
The Bird Flock - Son: Rhett
The Bridges Bunch - Son: Carsten
The Daily News of the Andrews Family
The Faulkner Family - Son: Ethan
The Field's Family - Daughter: Lexy
The Flege Farm - Daughter: Mayson
The H Family - Daughter: Hannah
The Heflin Family - Daughter: Addy
The Huy Family - Son: Cooper
The Incredible Adventures of Ian and Chase - Son: Chase
The Lehnick Family - Son: Brayden
The Leonard Family - Son: Ben
The Little Holts - Daughter: Isabel
The Malone Family - Sons: Eli, Matthew & Micah
The More the Murrayer - Daughter: Mariana
The Muncks Quiver - Son: Jonathan
The Ordinary Life of an Extraordinary Girl - Daughter: Alex
The Phamily Blog - Daughter: Gabby
The Right to Live a Joyful Life - Daughter: "Rascal"
The Road Less Traveled - Son: Jayden
The Rocking Pony - Son: Micah
The Rumble Family - Son: Nick
The Seal Bark - Daughter: Morgan
The Smile that Fills a Room - Daughter: Colleen
The Snow Girls - Daughter: Emma
The Stevenson Family - Son: Beau
The Tales of Two Thirty-Somethings, Two Kids, Two Dogs, & a Fish - Son: Max
The Tao of Tulips - Daughter: "Quail"
The Tryon Family - Daughters: Mary & Amelia
The Unknown Contributor - Daughter: Kimani
The Upstate Update - Son: Ryan
The Warren Family - Daughter: Bailey
The Wonder of Wysdom - Son: Wysdom
The World of the Hite Family - Daughter: Ashlie
The Zimmerman Zoo - Son: Layton
The Zoromski Chronicles - Daughter: Ruby
Therklesen Bliss - Daughter: Preslie
This is my "real" blog - Daughter: Caroline
Those Fabulous Banta Boys - Son: Quinn
Thoughts of JoJo - Son: Jason
Three Girls and Tim - Daughter: Lindsey
Three Little Birds - Son: Caleb
Three Little Ladybugs - Daughter: Lacey
Three Weddings - Daughter: "Peanut"
Three's a Charm - Son: Joaquin
'til my head falls off - Son: Noel
Today's Special - Son: Cadence
Tommy's Update Son: Tommy
Two Brothers Like No Other - Son: Cody
Two Kids a Dog and a Blog - Son: Max
Unforeseen Gifts - Son: Lucas
Unlimited - Son: William
Unringing the Bell - Daughter: Georgia
Upside Down World - Daughter: "O"
Urban Goes Country - Daughter: Ava
Van Nice Family Journey - Daughter: Josie
Waiting for Reese - Adopting: Reese
What-Evah - Son: Alex
Whatever to us - Son: Dominic
Where are My Angels - Daughters: Cheyenne & Mercede
Where There's A Will - Son: Will
Widening Circle - Daughter: Jessie
Windmills and Tulips - Daughter: Gabriella
Yeah, but Houdini didn't have these hips. - Daughter: Elli
Yo Mamma Mamma - Daughter: Violette
Zip-Perdue-Dee-Dah - Daughter: Kira

Military Wife Blogs!

The Few... the Proud... The... oh wait... these cover ALL branches of the Military! Check out these amazing ladies as they deal with deployments and everything that breaks as soon as their spouse leaves U.S. soil!

456 Days
A Look into the Mind of an Air Force Wife
Amy's Annals
Embracing Life as a Household 6
Establishing Individuality
Family = 4 Guys and a Gal
I'd Rather Be Laughing
Incoherent Ramblings
It Started Like This
Life As I Know It
Life Lessons of Raising 5 Children
Life of an Army Wife
Living the Life of an Army Wife
My Homespun Treasure
Our Life as an Air Force Family
Our Story
Pieces of Me
Small Arms Charlie
The Albrecht Squad
The Ever-Changing Life of a Military Wife
The Getts Times
The Journey of the Hudson Crew
The Morning Conversation
The Riley Clan
This Military Mama
This Wild, Crazy yet Wonderful Life of Mine
Troop Petrie
Wrong Week

Mom Blogs!

These blogs belong to awesome moms all over the world. Don't forget to check all the other sections for more great moms!

A Blessed Life
A Box of Chocolates
A Day in the Life...
A Day in the Life of the Fowlers
A Journey of Growth
A Lifetime of Love
A Mile in my Birks
A Mom's Life
A New Kind of Perfect
A Redeemed Sheep
A Wrinkle in Time
Adam Joonie
All About My Girl
All is Well
All K Names
Amber's Jibba Jabba
American in Norway
Amy Loves Fish
Another Day
Are You Serious!
Barnes Family
Because I Said So
Blessed by Him!
Blessed in the Midst of a Storm
Blivit Contemplations
Bringin' My Son Home
Burgh Baby
Can't See Straight With 8
Christy's Coffee Table
City Mom, Country Mom
Classy Chaos
Clay in the Hands
Confessions of a SAHM
Crystal said what??
Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground
Dreaming [BIG] Dreams
Eric, Steph, Ethan & Ella Majors
Every Penny Counts
Finding Normal
Forever His
Forever Sisters, Forever Friends
Graham Shenanigans
Grammar of Life
Growing A Life
Heethuis Party of Four
Hope for the Hopeless
Home of the Smithseven
Horton Happenings
House of Garcia
I Hate Whine
In the Life of a Child
In the Midst of this Season
It is what it is
It May Be A Crazy Life, But It's Our Life
It's a Corny Life
It's Our Wonderful Life
Izzy N' Emmy
Jenna's Journey
Journey to a Promise
Just Being Me...
Kelly's Korner
Kimball Family of 4
Klamm Kove
Lag Liv
Leigha & the Triplets
Llama Queen's Don't Do Homework
Life As We Know It
Life in the Country
Life is a Highway
Life is Beautiful
Life is Like a Box of Chocolates
Life is Sweet
Life of a Busy Mom of 3
Life or Something Like It
Life with 4 Js
Life with MY three guys
Lisa - What Have I Done?
Little Dynamite
Live Laugh Cook
Live Laugh Love
Live, Love, Laugh with the Ladmans
Living Life in Tx
Lizzie and the Little Man
Love for 9...Our Blended Family
Love You a Google
Loving Our Simple Life
Loving You... Plus Two!
Making a Home
Mama on the Edge
Mama Plays Mozart
Many Faces of a Family
Maples Growing Family
Masto Mama
Me and My Gang
Me and the Boys
Miss Sniz
Mixed Blessings
Mom - Not Otherwise Specified
Moment by Moment
Moments of Clarity
Moments with the McGary's
Mrs. Troop
Mum To Girls
Musings from a Stay At Home Mom
My Beautiful Disaster
My Blessed Broken Road
My Crazy Life
My Homespun Treasure
My Lil Family
My Little Corner of Life
My Ramblings.....
My Semblence of Sanity
My Three Sons
My Three Wisemans
Nine Acres: 20 Miles North of Nowhere
No Reason Needed
Not Quite What I Had Planned
Of Books and Boys
Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy
Oh Good Night Nurse!
One Really Interesting Journey
Our 3 Sons Plus 1 Super Cute Girly Girl
Our Family =o)
Our Life Uncensored
Our Little Miracles
Our Little Piece of the World
Our Simple Life
Precious Moments Remembered
Princesa Guatemalteca Abigail
Proud Mommy of Four
Putting the Fun in DysFUNctional
Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane
Ramblings of a Lunch Lady
Red & Yellow, Black & White
Red Thread Stitches
Redneck Ramblings
Reed Rugrats
Roy Time
Safe in HIS Arms
Shannon Blogs Here
Signs, Miracles and Wonders
Smiles and Trials
Something More
Sometimes, You Just Gotta Laugh
Spirited Blessings
Stampin Penguin
Stumbling Through Life
Take My Life...Already Yours
The 4th Frog Blog
The A-Team Adventures
The Angel Forever
The Beauty of Life
The Bechtholds
The Brough Family
The Dog's a boy too!
The Fink's Frontpage
The Foster Home
The Garner Family
The Grand Scheme
The Joys of Parenting
The Keowns
The Kolita Kids News
The Lucas Gang
The makings of a not so great escape
The Moye's
The Morning Conversation
The Myers Twins
The Peanut Gallery
The Ragans Ramblings
The Roberts Family
The Stanfield Journey
The Story of Holland and Eden
The Sweet Life of Chase and Kylie
The Velasco Family
The Wilkinson Quintuplets
They All Call Me Mom
Thinking Blonde
This Mama's Hood
Treezah's Treasures
Two Princesses and a Pirate
Way's Days
We Are THAT Family
We Have Been Blessed
Welch Family Journal
Welcome to the Stories of my Life
What the Hale?
What Wuz I Saying?
Whitehead Street
Who Says 8 is Enough?
Why Not?
Yours + Mine = Ours

Random Friends' Blogs

A little bit of this and a little bit of that! You never know what you'll find here!

Adventurous Girl on Wheels
Alex's Blog
And Life Goes On...
Among the Lions
At the Porch Swing
Brown Bag for a Cure
Carrot Tops are Green, Genius!
Cheaper by 3 Dozen: Life with 36 Kids
Dream as if you'll live forever...
Empowering People and Changing Lives
Everyday Life
Forever His
Georgia Peach Ramblings
Girl Boxmaker
Happy Days @ The Jays
Here's a Story of a Girl named Ali Rae!
His Doorkeeper
I Know Something Good
I've Been Thinking...
Just a Girl and Her Dog
Kaia's Life... One Day At A Time
Katherine Arnold Wolf
Kathy's Musings
Kim and Mikey Got Married
Legossi's Lair
Life as a Pediatric Nurse
Life Through the Lens of a Special Eduactor
Life to the Fullest
Living Proof
Lynn's Spot on the Web
Madeleine's Child
Mother of Shrek
Musings of a ReNewed Girl
My Sojourn...
My Adventures as a Domestic Diva
News Flash
Not your average (almost) newlyweds
On Eagle's Wings
Pastor's Page
Promise of Peace
Rambling Thoughts
Ryan's Journey
Safe Haven
Secret Life of a Girl on Wheels
Simply a Farmer's Wife
Tales from Labor and Delivery
Teresa's Treasures
The Dorothy Family
The Hortons
The Hollinhead's
The Journey Begins Here
The More the Murrayer
The Pifer Family
The Story of my Life
The Wood's
Thoughts From Me
Trying to Stay Calm
Turning Over A New Leaf
Twenties Somethings
Vibrant and Zany Life
Wandering, Wonderings of a Whacked-Out Woman
Whitney Inspired
Wild About Whidbey

Blogs to pray over

Millions of people all over the world are fighting the horrible beast called cancer. Here are a few. Be sure to click on the "Kids with Cancer" tab at the top of this page to see more.

AJ's Story: Childhood Cance Awareness and Funding
Asher and Jacob's Friends
Asher Benjamin
Brave Fighters
Breanna's Story
By God's Grace
Cancer is NOT an option!
Chad, Nikki, Clayton and Johanna
Cheers for Amanda
Confessions of a CF Husband
God's Perfect Plan for Myla
Hudson and Abella's Journey
It's 4 The Kids
James Gregory Ryan
Jenessa Byers (Boey)
Just Five Words
Kicking Cancer's Arse
Lifting Up Serenity
Loving Laynee
Mad World!
Max the Magnificent
Maxey Family
Noah's Road
Pray for Joseph
Prayers for Aidan
Praying for a Miracle
Riley's Journey
Ron's Road 2 Recovery
Team Carter
Team Larson "Neva Div Up"
The Dynamic Duo
The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog
The White's in New Zealand
The Wiley Family
The Zoromski Chronicles
Where Laughter Lives