The Down Syndrome Blog Roll

All these families have a child with a little something extra! Check out these amazing families!

2 Pirates and a Princess Daughter: Sofia
3 Apples of My Eye Daughter: Ashtin
4 Corey - Son: Corey
47 Pieces
A Hapa Girl and her Hapa Family - Daughter: Lillian
A is for Aiden - Son: Aiden
A Journey of Growth - Son: Jonathan
A Life Full of Love - Son: Andy
A Little Something Extra For Us - Son: Micah
A Step Down Our Path - Sons: Bryce & Alex
A Table For Six - Daughter: Ella Grace
A Walk in Lily's Garden - Daughter: Lily
ABandC'sMom - Daughter: Angel Carly
Above All I Could Ask or Imagine - Son: "J"
Adelynn's Journey - Daughter: Adelynn
Adventures of Homeschooling Noah - Son: Noah
Adventures with Beth - Daughter: Beth
All 4 My Gals - Daughter: Tarenne
All About the Enskats - Daughters: Abby, Nina & Varia; Son: Timofey
All My Dreams - Son: Elias
Archie's Room - Son: Archie
As We Sail - Son: Stevie
Audrey and Stella's Playground - Daughter: Stella
Awareness is my Job - Son: Micah
Baby Copty - Son: Maher
Baeten Family - Son: Logan
Banana Migraine - Daughter: Delphine
Banana Pants - Daughter: Anna
Believing in Miracles - Son: Cameron
Beneath the Wings - Daughter: Ricki
Bill and Ria - Son: Matthew
Bittersweet - Daughter: Emma
Blessed and Lucky - Son: Sam
Blessed with Anthony - Son: Anthony
Blessings and Glory - Son: Charlie
Big Blueberry Eyes - Daughter: Kayla
Blessed Chaos - Son: Wil
Blessed with Girls - Daughter: Mattie
Brady's Bunch - Son: Brady
Braska Bear
Brianna's Blog - Daughter: Brianna
Bridget's Light - Daughter: Bridget
Butterfly's and Rainbows - Daughter: Angel Sierra
Callum & Kieran - Son: Callum
Cameron's Crew - Son: Cameron
Camp Homeschool - Son: Joseph
Casa de la Tonteria - Son: Hunter
Chanelle and Tristan - Son: Tristan
Changing Perceptions Start Here - Daughter: Avery
Chaos Diaries: Chaos isn't just a theory - Son: Mason
Charlie's Up To - Son: Charlie
Chasing Charlotte - Daughter: Charlotte
Class of 2008 - Sarah
Cornish Adoption Journey - Daughters: Brianna, Aleksa and Emma; Sons: Micah and James
Counting Kisses - Daughter: Jessie
Confused? I am! - Daughter: Percy
Daily Smiles - Daughter: Emilia
Dancing Through the Tulips - Daughter: Chloe
Daniel Murdock Drinker
Dawson Family - Son: Zechariah
Day by Day - Son: Kolby
Days With Dylan - Son: Dylan
Disposable - Son: Archer
Down Syndrome New Mama - Daughter: Summer
Down the Rabbit Hole Into Wonderland - Daughter: Leyla
Down to Life - Daughter: Antalya
Down With Oz - Son: Ozzie
DownBlogger - Daughter: Ciarra
DownRight Faith - Daughter: Sydney
Dream Big - Daughter: Sydnie
Dream Big for Chelsea - Daughter: Chelsea
Dreaming on an Angel - Adopting: Addison
Driving With No Hands - Son: William, Daughter: Mary
Doozeedad - Daughter: Moxie
Down South Musings - Son: Austin
Down Wit Dat - Son: Wyatt
E is for Everything - Daughter: Elainah
Ella Grace with the Pretty Face - Daughter: Ella
Ellie's Mission - Daughter: Ellie
Elliot's Expeditions - Son: Elliot
Elliott's Nest - Son: Aiden
Embracing Life as a Household 6 - Sons: Grifyn & Xander
Emma Sage - Daughter: Emma Sage
Ethan's Endeavors - Son: Ethan
Etta's Journal - Daughter: Etta
Ever Forward, Maya - Daughter: Maya
Everyday Elliott - Daughter: Leah
Everything Happens For a Reason - Son: Leo
Extras... - Daughter: Ellie
Fabulous Fields - Son: Koby
Family Love Notes - Daughter: Sarah
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made - Daughter: Tiana
Finnian's Journey - Son: Finnian
Firefly South - Son: Austin
First of 3-T-21 Rules our Hearts - Daughter: Meghan
For Heaven's Sake - Son: Nevin
Four Wonders of Life - Daughter: Molly
Gabi's World - Daughter: Gabi
Garden of Eagan - Daughter: Angela & Axel
Gigi: The Traveling Poodle
Giles Family of 5 - Daughter: Presley
Girl in a Party Hat - Daughter: Sophie
Got Down Syndrome - Brother: "O"
Got Three???? - Daughter: Hannah
Grace Upon Grace - Daughter: Magdalena
Hailey's Comet Ride - Daughter: Hailey
Hamula Family - Daughter: Macy
Hannah's Shenanigans - Daughter: Hannah
Hanzley Clan News - Sons: Caleb & Isaac
Happy Jack - Son: Jack
Having Fun at Home with Master Dillon - Son: Dillon
Heather Messick - Daughter: Victoria
Hidden Treasures - The Trisomy 21 Journey
Hite Family - Daughter: Ashlie
Hope for Elijah - Son: Elijah
Hopster Happenings - Daughter: Hannah
House Full of Joy - Daughter: Charity
Hug Your Trooper - Daughter: Molly
Hurricane Riley - Son: Riley
I am Potential - Son: Timothy
I don't know what to say - Daughter: Abby
Isabella - Daughter: Isabella
Isn't this Fun!? - Son: Jonas
Jaxon's Fight - Son: Jaxon
Jodie's Random Thoughts - Son: Tyler
John Paul's World - Son: John Paul
Joyful Mother of 6 Children - Daughter: Eliana
Julian's Journey - Son: Julian
Just RK - Daughter: Braska
Just Show Up
Just us... What would I do without you? - Son: Tayte
Kaitlyn's Korner - Daughter: Kaitlyn
Kara's Journey to America - Daughter: Kara
Karli's Kingdom - Daughter: Karli
Kathy's Life Journey - Son: PJ
Keirnan Clan - Daughter: Rachel
Kim's Treasure's and Snares - Daughter: TheaAnn
Kwisteena's Kwaziness - Daughter: Kallie
Larkin's Place - Daughter: Larkin
Learning As I Go - Daughter: Rylee
Life - Not just a cereal anymore - Daughter: Libby
Life as we know it - Daughter: "Miss Banana"
Life at the Lunds - Son: Ricky
Life Decanted - Daughter: Kayli
Life of the Bubelas - Daughter: "E"
Life with 4 J's - Son: Jakob
Life with 4 kiddos - Son: Max
Life with Annelies - Daughter: Annelies
Life With My Girls - Daughter: Avery
Life with the Brown's - Daughter: Raleigh
Life With Sweet Pea - Daughter: "Sweet Pea"
Lila's Miracle Life - Daughter: Lila
Lily's Life is Great! - Daughter: Lily
Little Miss E - Daughter: "Miss E"
Little Miss Magic - Daughter: Marin
Little Wonders - Daughter: Zoey
Livia-The-Great - Daughter: Alivia
Living in the Moment - Son: Joel
Living for the Love - Daughter: Goldie
Living Life with the E's - Daughter: Emily
Logan - Son: Logan
Love for Colin - Son: Colin
Love Notes to my Family - Son: Jack
Lovely and Amazing - Daughter: Emma Jayne
Loving Life - Daughter: Ashlyn
Making Something Beautiful - Son: Sam
Mama Monkmee - Son: Eian
Mauzy's Musings - Son: Nash
MeAnderings - Son: Ben
Meet the Nielson's - Son: Luke
Megan's got 47 - Daughter: Megan
mi2boys - Son: Adam
Milestones - Son: Miles
Mom of 12 and Loving It - Daughter: Hope
Mommy Life - Son: Jonny
Mommy of a Miracle - Son: Elijah
Mothering by the Seat of my Pants - Son: John
MotherJungle - Son: Addison
Mundo Bean - Son: Lucas
Monkey Business - Daughter: Ella Kate
Monkey Musings - Son: John Michael
Mutterings and Musings - Daughter: Munchkin
My 3 Ankle Biters - Son: Johnny
My Bubby Maxy - Son: Max
My Cheeky Little Monkeys - Son: Henry
My Crazy Life - Son: Jaemen
My Cup Runneth Over - Son: AJ
My Cute Little Navya - Daughter: Navya
My Holland, My Italy - Son: Vinnie
My Life with Gabriel - Son: Gabriel
My Little Genius - Son: Vignesh
My Little Son-Shine - Son: Landon
My Precious Saira - Daughter: Saira
My Princes' and Princess - Daughter: Ashlyn
My Sunshine - Son: Gabriel
My Three Girls - Daughter: Sarah
My Unexpected Life - Son: Jack
Nathan Daniel - Son: Nathan
New Year, New Us - Daughter: Lauren
Newbold Family's Adoption Journey Son: John Paul Adopting: Dasha
No Empty Arms Here - Son: Noah
Noah's Dad - Son: Noah
Noah's Trek - Son: Noah
Not That You Asked - Son: Jude
Now I'm a Mom - Son: Ryan
Nuts and Boltz - Son: Jack
On a Joyful Journey - Daughter: "R"
One Beautiful Life - Daughter: Ella
One Day At A Time - Son: Sam
One More, More Than One - Daughter: Malea
Opposite Kids - Daughter: Kayla
Out-numbered By Kids - Daughter: Kaia
Our Blah Blah Blog - Daughter: Darah
Our Family - Son: Cooper
Our Fishy Cracker - Son: Jonathon
Our Jacob - Son: Jacob
Our Life - Feel Free To Laugh - Daughter: Mason
Our Little Man - Son: "Lil Man"
Our Normal Life - Daughter: Kailey
Our Path Less Traveled - Daughters: Katie and Myia; Sons: Michael & Alex
Our Perfectly Imperfect Life - Daughters: Payton & Addison
Our Precious Blessing - Daughter: Camden
Our Roads Traveled - Son: Matty
Our Story Continued - Daughters: Darah & Reese
Our Typical Life - Daughter: Lauren
Our Unexpected Journey - Son: Bennett
Parker's Purpose - Son: Parker
Penny, The Baby Girl - Daughter: Penny
Pinwheels - Son: Avery
Pocket Lint - Daughters: Polly & Evie
Poppies Blooming - Daughter: Eden
Poppies Blog - Daughter: Eden
Praying for Parker - Son: Parker
Presley&T21 - Daughter: Presley
Prince Vince Meets the World - Son: Vince
Princess Nebraska - Sister: Annie
Pure Mommy Extract - Adopting: Ana
Quinn's Crusaders - Daughter: Quinn
Raising Joey - Son: Joey
Raising Reid - Son: Reid
Ralph and the Crew - Son: Ralph
Ramblings of the Bearded One - Daughter: Meg
Random Thinking - Son: Mikey
Red Lights - Son: Mikey
Redefining Perfection - Daughter: Nicola
Reece's Rainbow
Rees's Pieces - Daughter: Liliana
Reflections and Musings - Son: Brant
ReJenerationS - Daughter: Sophie
Rhett's Journey - Son: Rhett
Riley's Gift - Son: Riley
Ruby's Life - Daughter: Ruby
Rylie - Daughter: Rylie
Saunders Gang - Daughters: Carley & Macey
Shamptons - Daughter: Hannah
Sharp Pointy Sticks - Son: Liam
She is our Angel - Daughter: Kristen
She's Our Butterfly - Daughter: Ally
Sheard Scene - Daughter: Maia
Sheena Time - Daughter: Sheena
Simeon's Trail - Son: Simeon
Small Swift Birds - Son: Evan
Smiles 4 Downs - Daughter: Riley
Snippets - Son: Matthew
Spahrsbigtop - Son: Ethan
Stagner... Party of 5 - Daughter: Madalyn
Stairsteps - Adopting: Emerson
Sunflower Stories - Son: Sean
Sunshine Sadie - Daughter: Sadie
Sweet Ella Grace - Daughter: Ella
Sweet M&M - Daughter: Emily
Take a Walk on The Happy Side - Sons: Brian & Michael
Taking the Road Less Traveled - Son: "C"
Teague Tribe - Daughter: Sadie
Teeny Tiny Hopkins - Daughter: Lucy
Ten Squares, Three Squiggles - Son: Caden
That's What Faith Must Be - Daughter: Ella Kate
The 30 Day Journey for Hope - Daughter: Hope
The Adventures of Cap'n Jack 'n Crew - Son: Jack
The Amicks - Son: Benjamin
The Bates Motel - Daughter: Samantha
The Bird Flock - Son: Rhett
The Bridges Bunch - Son: Carsten
The Daily News of the Andrews Family
The Faulkner Family - Son: Ethan
The Field's Family - Daughter: Lexy
The Flege Farm - Daughter: Mayson
The H Family - Daughter: Hannah
The Heflin Family - Daughter: Addy
The Huy Family - Son: Cooper
The Incredible Adventures of Ian and Chase - Son: Chase
The Lehnick Family - Son: Brayden
The Leonard Family - Son: Ben
The Little Holts - Daughter: Isabel
The Malone Family - Sons: Eli, Matthew & Micah
The More the Murrayer - Daughter: Mariana
The Muncks Quiver - Son: Jonathan
The Ordinary Life of an Extraordinary Girl - Daughter: Alex
The Phamily Blog - Daughter: Gabby
The Right to Live a Joyful Life - Daughter: "Rascal"
The Road Less Traveled - Son: Jayden
The Rocking Pony - Son: Micah
The Rumble Family - Son: Nick
The Seal Bark - Daughter: Morgan
The Smile that Fills a Room - Daughter: Colleen
The Snow Girls - Daughter: Emma
The Stevenson Family - Son: Beau
The Tales of Two Thirty-Somethings, Two Kids, Two Dogs, & a Fish - Son: Max
The Tao of Tulips - Daughter: "Quail"
The Tryon Family - Daughters: Mary & Amelia
The Unknown Contributor - Daughter: Kimani
The Upstate Update - Son: Ryan
The Warren Family - Daughter: Bailey
The Wonder of Wysdom - Son: Wysdom
The World of the Hite Family - Daughter: Ashlie
The Zimmerman Zoo - Son: Layton
The Zoromski Chronicles - Daughter: Ruby
Therklesen Bliss - Daughter: Preslie
This is my "real" blog - Daughter: Caroline
Those Fabulous Banta Boys - Son: Quinn
Thoughts of JoJo - Son: Jason
Three Girls and Tim - Daughter: Lindsey
Three Little Birds - Son: Caleb
Three Little Ladybugs - Daughter: Lacey
Three Weddings - Daughter: "Peanut"
Three's a Charm - Son: Joaquin
'til my head falls off - Son: Noel
Today's Special - Son: Cadence
Tommy's Update Son: Tommy
Two Brothers Like No Other - Son: Cody
Two Kids a Dog and a Blog - Son: Max
Unforeseen Gifts - Son: Lucas
Unlimited - Son: William
Unringing the Bell - Daughter: Georgia
Upside Down World - Daughter: "O"
Urban Goes Country - Daughter: Ava
Van Nice Family Journey - Daughter: Josie
Waiting for Reese - Adopting: Reese
What-Evah - Son: Alex
Whatever to us - Son: Dominic
Where are My Angels - Daughters: Cheyenne & Mercede
Where There's A Will - Son: Will
Widening Circle - Daughter: Jessie
Windmills and Tulips - Daughter: Gabriella
Yeah, but Houdini didn't have these hips. - Daughter: Elli
Yo Mamma Mamma - Daughter: Violette
Zip-Perdue-Dee-Dah - Daughter: Kira